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Learn about INTURN’s mission to help leading brands worldwide reduce harmful waste and carbon emissions in the environment. 

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Excess inventory creates tremendous amounts of harmful waste each year.

Sustainability leaders have made significant strides in helping organizations identify and implement sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain. However, excess inventory continues to be a major pain point due to reliance on outdated systems and processes.

The result is harmful waste ending up in landfills and oceans, and harmful emissions being released into the atmosphere.

Did you know?


worth of food is wasted each year

8M Tons

of plastic end up in oceans each year


of clothing goes unsold and is often incinerated

Brands Are Taking Action

With sustainability becoming increasingly top-of-mind for investors, consumers, and employees, brands must improve the way they manage excess inventory or risk incurring significant economic costs and a damaged reputation.

$51.1 Billion
was poured into sustainable funds in 2020.


70% of millennials
consider a company’s environmental commitments when making a purchase.


86% of employees
say they are more likely to work for a company that stands up for environmental, social, and governance issues.

How INTURN Is Helping Brands Achieve Zero Waste

We’re committed to helping brands act and measure meaningful progress against the following sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Responsible Consumption and Production

INTURN's inventory solutions enable brands to identify, manage, and sell goods that might otherwise be destroyed or discarded. With INTURN’s business intelligence, brands can report on tangible success metrics that demonstrate how they’re making a direct impact on sustainability efforts.

Climate Action

Carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere when inventory is destroyed or discarded, contributing to diminished air quality. INTURN helps brands reduce carbon emissions by moving unsold inventory into other channels more efficiently. With more efficient truckload management, less carbon emissions are generated from transportation of excess goods.

Life Below Water

Many brands are forced to discard consumer packaged goods when they expire, which results in harmful plastic waste negatively impacting the ocean’s ecosystems. INTURN helps brands reduce the volume of harmful plastics in oceans by enabling brands to identify products at risk of becoming slow-moving or obsolete and take action earlier in the product lifecycle.

Our Progress

We’ve worked with brands and partners to make a significant impact on revitalizing the environment—and this is just the beginning.

270 M +

Products Saved from Destruction or Disposal

34K+ Tons

of Fabrics & Plastics Saved from Landfills and Oceans

5,000 +

New Trees

Building a Greener Future with SAP

Together, INTURN and SAP provide customers with an end-to-end system of solutions that drive more sustainable production and distribution of inventory throughout the product lifecycle.

We’re working together to ensure that our customers can get ahead of inventory issues that create waste.

Learn more about SAP’s sustainability mission.

Empowering Reforestation

We’re partnering with The Arbor Day Foundation on reforestation initiatives to plant trees across the United States in Klamath National Forest, Umpqua National Forest, and Bladen Lakes State Forest.

Supporting reforestation helps maintain critical habitats for endangered wildlife, cleaner waterways, and more sustainable ecosystems.

Learn more about The Arbor Day Foundation.

Resources on Sustainability

Client Success Story

KIND is an American food company that sells healthy snacks. One of the fastest-growing players in the snack field in recent years, they currently offer eight product lines in more than 150,000 stores across the United States.

Learn how KIND saved $2M+ in destruction avoidance by leveraging INTURN to streamline and accelerate their close-out process.

Sustainability Blog Post

Slow moving and excess inventory causes headaches for brands across all industries. Brands are typically faced with two options: 1) selling their products at a large discount in order to get it out the door as quickly as possible, or 2) discarding or destroying the goods, which results in zero profit and numerous harmful effects on the environment.

Read our latest blog post to learn why optimizing excess inventory is key to meeting your brand’s sustainability goals.

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