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Global Brand Partners with INTURN to Streamline Workflows

A contemporary fashion label addressed their biggest off-price challenges to speed up decision-making, increase sales, and get to market faster.

Company Profile

One of the world’s largest contemporary brands partnered with INTURN to streamline their workflows. This men’s and women’s modern fashion label with 400+ stores worldwide and over $600 Million in global sales saw striking results in their off-price business by leveraging INTURN’s technology solution to optimize their go-to-market process.


Historically, the brand was unable to enhance its liquidation strategy due to a lack of data insights and automated tools to streamline the planning process. This challenge resulted from three root causes:

  1. Inefficient planning and subjective decision-making
    Manual offer comparisons and margin calculations combined with a lack of historical sales data resulted in an efficient planning process. The brand’s off-price team had limited facts on which to base go-to-market decisions.
  2. Lack of legacy production information
    The fashion label was stuck with mounting amounts of legacy inventory and was unable to liquidate due to extreme difficulty in sourcing product images and information. This lack of information created a holding pattern for the brand when it came to off-price sales.
  3. Inability to curate relevant offers
    Offer creation was time-consuming and error prone since the brand was manually allocating products to each retailer via Excel. The lack of legacy product information also prevented the brand from creating specific offers relevant to each buyer.


Using INTURN as a centralized system of record, the brand was able to start planning its off-price business more strategically, create content-rich offers, and go to market faster. The brand achieved this outcome via three different solutions:

  1. Actionable insights to enable rapid decision-making
    The brand leveraged offer analytics at each step of the negotiation process to make informed business decisions, which resulted in higher sell-through rates.
  2. Content-rich data compiliation to drive increased sales
    INTURN’s technology enabled the brand to seamlessly sync product data and images together to create an elevated offer experience for buyers, which led to new opportunities for the brand to monetize aged inventory.
  3. Curated offers for buyers to allow for faster go-to-market timing
    The brand crafted relevant inventory assortments for various retailers using the INTURN platform’s Allocation tool, which allowed for a faster go-to-market process.


Overall, by partnering with INTURN to solve their off-price challenges, this contemporary fashion label achieved the following staggering results:

  1. Rapid Decision-Making: 94% faster internal review times
  2. Increased Sales: $2.5 Million in incremental sales of aged inventory
  3. Faster Go-to-Market Process: 220+ hour reduction in annual labor

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