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Fashion & Apparel

A system of record for managing your fashion & apparel excess inventory across all categories.


The problem

The fashion industry is undergoing unprecedented change. The shift in consumer behavior, the decline in sales growth and margin erosion due to over-discounting have forced brands to adopt a more agile and innovative go-to-market approach in order to remain competitive.

Excess fashion inventory is often an afterthought. With data living across multiple systems and no single source of truth, cross-functional teams waste valuable time with redundant manual work. The lack of inventory visibility, efficiency, and proactive strategy fuels an endless cycle in which brands make subjective go-to-market decisions that end in over $200 Billion of excess fashion & apparel inventory each year.

Our solution

Whether you need visibility into what needs to be sold off, or to determine the best pricing for your next offer—our fashion & apparel inventory optimization solution has you covered.

INTURN 360 is the only enterprise software solution that provides a system of record for managing slow-moving or excess inventory. By streamlining workflows, our platform empowers brands like yours to reduce inefficiencies, reduce waste and improve margins—all while ensuring channel protection.

Our value


A Centralized system of record

Consolidate product data and images into a centralized repository. Get real-time inventory visibility across teams and reduce redundant work flows with cross-functional collaboration.

Data-driven decision-making

Identify when products should be identified as excess, and leverage historical data to determine your next go-to-market strategy.

Gain efficiencies & improve margins

Increase buyer interest by streamlining how you curate content-rich assortments, and price products strategically to achieve optimal returns.

Client success stories

We’ve partnered with many of the most trusted brands across industries worldwide, each with their own set of unique challenges to solve. See how we’ve helped brands like yours find success in optimizing their inventory disposition process.

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