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A game-changing solution to excess.

INTURN 360 inventory optimization solution streamlines your workflows and optimizes your margins, all while protecting your brand.


The problem

Volatility is here to stay. With global supply chains vulnerable to disruption and sudden fluctuations in demand, brands are facing even greater levels of excess inventory.

The process for identifying and selling excess inventory is outdated, manual and error-prone. With no real-time visibility or existing systems in place to manage growing inventory levels brands waste valuable time and resources on inefficient, redundant work. The result is a loss of substantial capital and a missed business opportunity. 

Welcome to INTURN 360

INTURN 360 is the only global enterprise software solution to provide a system of record that  manages slow-moving or excess inventory across industries. When faced with uncertainty in global markets, we position brands for success by digitally optimizing their excess inventory. By streamlining workflows, our inventory platform empowers brands like yours to effectively optimize your supply chain, reduce inefficiencies & waste and improve margins—all while ensuring channel protection.

Our value


1. All the information you need in one place

INTURN 360 picks up where your ERP system leaves off. Our platform consolidates complex inventory files and makes sense of large data sets, giving your team full visibility into the status of your inventory in real-time, at all times.

2. Effortless and productive workflows across teams

Help your team work smarter, not harder. INTURN 360 eliminates duplicative work and breaks the manual process of allocating inventory via emails and spreadsheets, so that the right retailer receives the right products at the right time.

3. Data-driven decisions that benefit the bottom line

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. INTURN 360 captures your historical sales data so that you can strategically navigate your next negotiation, send and receive offers to boost sell-through rates, reduce overall operating costs and improve margins to positively impact your bottom line.

See the impact


Faster speed-to-market


Reduction in operating costs


Improved product margins

We’re more than just a solution. We’re your partners.

Our inventory optimization platform empowers you to move faster and make better decisions, but we’re always here to provide consultative guidance where and when you need it most.

Getting Started

During onboarding, we collaborate with all your cross-functional teams and key stakeholders to do a thorough analysis of your systems, data structures and go-to-market processes. Partnership is important to us, and together, we’ll determine how INTURN can bring your team the most value.

Strategic Support

Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Our dedicated Client Success team is committed to helping you achieve optimal results. They include experts from some of the biggest brands in retail who understand your organization’s unique challenges and will provide ongoing support to ensure that your team is set up for success.