Stuck with unplanned

Meet the #1 solution for predictive inventory optimization. Optimize inventory and reduce waste with INTURN 360.


Built with every business in mind

We’re always researching, listening and innovating. Over the years, our INTURN 360 inventory optimization solution has evolved to meet the needs of every organization. Including yours.

How it works

Focus on more than just the sale. Build a robust go-to-market strategy to drive a meaningful impact on your business and create a more sustainable brand.


Upload and manage your inventory

Centralize your excess inventory into a comprehensive database that provides you with full visibility into all product data and images. Easily search, sort, analyze and update inventory in real-time to reflect true inventory levels and avoid over-selling.


Price, negotiate and transact

Curate inventory assortments and strategically price discounted offers to go-to-market in a fraction of the time. Set deadlines for each sales campaign to drive urgency, and apply negotiation settings to optimize on price and sell-through.


Improve your go-to-market strategy

Utilize inventory, pricing and engagement insights to make informed data-driven decisions prior to, and during each sales campaign. Strategically plan offers to optimize excess inventory sell-through and reduce waste

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Strategically price your products.

Manage and send product assortments with unique price points across multiple markets, currencies and channels. INTURN 360 streamlines the way you can price products, individually or in bulk. Set your price manually or automatically calculate using wholesale, retail prices or margins as reference points.

Focus on the information that matters most to you.

Dynamically sort and filter through all your products in an intuitive product interface, where you can quickly see pricing information, sizing details, and attributes unique to your organization—all in one view. And because we understand how important efficiency is, you can also quickly gauge the volume and value of your products in real-time as you modify your view.

Efficiently curate product assortments for each buyer.

Save valuable time and automatically assign percentages of inventory in bulk to different retailers at once. If you prefer a more granular approach, you also have the ability to allocate products individually.

Set the ground rules before you go to market.

Negotiate products with your buyers based on styles, quantities, price, category, and other key attributes. By customizing your settings for each buyer, you can ensure that you have full control over transaction speed and buyer visibility.

Take the guess-work out of your go-to-market strategy.

Access key pricing metrics, such as total price, margin, total profit and more. To fully understand the makeup of your product assortment, you can also see detailed quantity information at the category and size level.

Reduce Waste by Predicting Slow-Moving & Excess Inventory

Even if you have the best planning solution in place, there are uncontrollable factors that can lead to the buildup of excess. INTURN 360's AI-powered solution empowers brands to identify and proactively address inventory that will soon become slow-moving or excess, enabling you to reduce potential waste earlier in the product lifecycle.

Your data is safe with us.

At INTURN, we are committed to keeping your data secure. We set the highest security standards and implement key management controls to protect both your data and your buyers’ data at rest and in transit. The security and privacy of our clients’ data is always in the forefront of our design, development, and deployment procedures.