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Predict Excess Inventory with AI

Automatically identify inventory that will soon become slow-moving or obsolete with AI.

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The reality of excess inventory

Even if you have the best inventory planning solution in place, there are uncontrollable external factors that can lead to the buildup of excess inventory. These factors can include:

  • Market disruption
  • Changing consumer trends and spending habits
  • Unexpected weather
  • Forecasting errors
  • Purchasing setbacks, and more

Brands are seeking new inventory solutions to not only allow them to more effectively manage and sell excess inventory, but also to proactively address it in full price channels before it’s ever deemed as excess.

How INTURN 360's Enterprise AI Works

Our AI-powered inventory solution predicts and identifies excess inventory by a certain date.


Analyze Full-Price Data from Any ERP

INTURN 360’s AI inventory model reviews your organization’s unique data along with historical sales data, forecasting trends, expirations, and more.


Identify Slow-Moving & Excess Inventory

The model then determines whether a given batch will sell before a certain date and if it should be considered excess.


Algorithm Learns and Adapts Over Time

INTURN 360 inventory optimization solution utilizes cutting edge technology to refine its results over time and provide your team with more accurate predictions.