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#WeLearn Business Development

We believe that everyone at INTURN is both a student and a teacher. We have a monthly program called the “#WeLearn Series” where two members of a team teach the rest of the company about something that they do at INTURN. It allows everyone to learn something new and take a different perspective on our product. In this #WeLearn, we heard from members of our Business Development team on their approaches in sales meetings.

Not everyone can make a successful sales pitch. In fact, there are many factors involved in a sales meeting. The different types of people a salesperson meets with can vary the demo he or she makes, the tone of voice they use, the questions they are asked, etc. During this #WeLearn, our Business Development team shared with us the different types of people you would encounter at these meetings as a salesperson. (For a further explanation, check our their inspiration: Understanding Five Types of Sales Coaches)

  1. The Well-Wisher: These are the neutral players; they’re nice to everybody, so it may not just be to you (unfortunately).
  2. The Frenemy: These people have a high, but negative impact. They say “yes” to you the entire meeting, and want you to think they are a supporter, when in fact they may not like what you’re pitching to them.
  3. The Weak Spy: The weak spies will let you know what occurs in their company internally, and their processes in selection, and keep you informed about any competition. So this is an example of positive, but low impact.
  4. Strong Spy: The strong spies, on the other hand, have a more personal connection to us than the weak spy. They promote us, give us feedback, and the best advice when moving forward. The strong spy is a positive, and high impact.
  5. The Guide: The guides are our “best friends”. They are the people that will make things happen for our business. They will plan with us how to succeed. They will provide the highest impact for our company.

Sometimes salespeople can get an idea of what the potential clients will be like prior to the meetings. They can give off certain characteristics either in introduction emails, phone calls, or even the second you meet them in person. These factors are helpful to understand as a salesperson, so that they can strategize on how they can achieve the most success from these meetings.

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