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Inventory Volatility & COVID-19: How to Prepare for the Unprecedented

Webinar Date: April 14, 2020

Stores are closed. Orders are stalled. Inventory is piling up.

In this panel, we explored the importance of an agile and responsive digital supply chain, when faced with preparing for, acting during, and recovering from the unexpected. We break it down into three areas:

Be Prepared: The unexpected has happened. How can brands identify risk ahead of time and create a strategy to mitigate risk?

Take Action: Internal and external operations have been impacted. How can brands operate their supply chains under the context of the situation while responding to uncertainty and volatility?

Post-COVID: The curve is flattening. How can companies emerge stronger from this crisis?



Ronen Lazar: CEO & Co-Founder @INTURN

Sanne Manders: COO @Flexport

Will Decker: Vice President @Plug and Play