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Building Competitive Advantage Through Optimal Excess Inventory Management

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Excess inventory is a persistent challenge many companies face. An indicator of this is the fact that in the US alone, the market for liquidated goods doubled between 2008 and 2020 to hit $644 billion, according to data from Colorado State University. With many companies transitioning to “Just-in-case” from Just-in-time”, the challenge of excess inventory being faced by companies has increased. Executives across industries are grappling with challenging questions: How can I go to market or sell excess inventory faster? How can I improve my margin recovery on excess inventory? What solutions for excess inventory are available for my specific business nuances? How can I tie in excess inventory sales to my company’s broader sustainability goals? What are new best practices for managing and selling unsold inventory?

Viewers of this webinar will learn about the uncontrollable factors that can lead to the buildup of excess inventory. During the presentation will hear about the financial and environmental impact of holding too much inventory. In addition to insights into how brands are managing these challenges to get ahead of growing inventory challenges in the future. The webinar will also demonstrate the importance of finding new solutions for excess inventory management that can help attendees gain inventory visibility, automate tedious tasks, prioritize integrations for consistency across existing systems, and make more strategic decisions with the use of data and historical insights.

By watching this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to evaluate existing processes and how teams operate today to identify areas of opportunity

  • Understand where there are gaps in inventory data and visibility, potentially preventing teams from going to market faster

  • Influence key stakeholders by prioritizing excess inventory as a critical way for companies to reduce operating costs and see increased profits

  • Determine tangible ways to demonstrate excess inventory’s contribution to broader sustainability and ESG goals