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BOO! Halloween’s Almost Here!

Fall has FINALLY arrived! And do you know what that means? Halloween is right around the corner. Wait, wasn’t it just summer?

According to a Proper Insights & Analytics survey, the “total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $8.4 billion.” No, $8.4 billion is not a typo. Last year, consumers averaged around $74 a person, but this year it’s expected to increase to $83.

Retailers prepare for this season by stocking up on a variety of costumes, props, decorations, and of course, candy! They select their target market and are ready for their customers to purchase the festive merchandise (For more information on selecting a target market, refer to: Target Market Blog). Suddenly, stores have cleared their entrances from mannequins wearing back-to-school clothing to witches, superheroes, and princesses.

Year after year, these items become more creative, more complex, and more costly. And we’re all guilty of transitioning a simple witch’s costume into a whole set of accessories, including multiple props, make-up and hair. Before you know it, you’ve spent double your original budget for this holiday.

This year, it’s time to strategize on spending while still impressing everyone with your costumes.

When you don’t want to spend $50 on a costume, and your sister’s hand-me-downs can’t make you look like Harry Potter, there are other options. According to the survey taken, 47% of shoppers will go to discount stores for their Halloween purchases. These stores have sales, promotions, and plenty of discounts to save you money and still look awesome.

By shopping at off-price stores for Halloween, this year won’t be as damaging to your wallet. In fact, the only thing you will have to fear is the haunted houses you’ll walk through, and the amount of candy you’ll consume. Happy Halloween!

This blog was inspired by NRF’s article. Read more of the facts: