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Data is key to getting ahead of supply chain disruption.

Brands experience massive losses in revenue opportunity due to the lack of visibility into their key inventory data. As supply chain disruptions become more frequent, it’s critical for brands to proactively address growing inventory issues.

Without data, brands lack the insights they need to determine product curation, price points for margin recovery, and which buyers will provide the best offer–all of which disrupts their bottom line and potential for growth.

Achieve greater insight with INTURN 360

Our solution provides teams with a full suite of data analytics tools that predict growing inventory issues, capture historical transactions, and visualize negotiation trends. With INTURN 360, brands can access the data they need to proactively and effectively move their inventory.

Leverage supply chain business intelligence to recover cash faster.


Predict inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or excess.

Market disruption, forecasting errors, and changing consumer trends can lead to the buildup of excess inventory. With INTURN 360’s AI model, teams can predict growing inventory issues and take action earlier in the product lifecycle.


Access the data you need, when you need it most.

INTURN 360’s Embedded Analytics provide teams with unlimited self-service access to historical transactional data. View past performance on margin, turnover, volume sold, category breakdowns, as well as additional metrics unique to your business.


Empower data-driven offer creation and negotiations.

Leverage data on buyer demand, historical buyer preferences, and truckload capacity to curate the optimal product assortment. With margin analysis tools, teams can dynamically price offers and review counteroffers to maximize return.

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A data-driven approach right from the start.

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Workshop Assessment to unlock invaluable insights.

Our solution architects will perform a deep-dive assessment of your team’s current processes along with an ROI & Impact analysis to determine recommendations for process improvements going forward.

Inventory levels you can trust.

Get accurate updates of inventory levels between your ERP system and INTURN 360. By utilizing our API’s, real-time accuracy enables confident decision-making and improved reporting.

Your strategic partner for optimizing inventory.

INTURN’s Client Success Team takes a consultative approach to understanding your brand’s unique challenges. Through weekly strategy meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews, our team positions brands to achieve optimal results.