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Achieve full supply chain visibility and boost sales with INTURN 360.

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Without full inventory visibility across the supply chain, you're operating in the dark.

Key inventory data often lives across disparate systems and is managed by different teams. As a result, brands risk making decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information, and they risk delaying strategic actions that could have addressed emerging inventory issues earlier on in the supply chain. 

Without the right visibility, brands are ill-equipped to identify the actions needed to stay ahead of any potential disruptions – such as finding a different supplier, looking for alternative delivery transport, or simply optimizing the management of existing inventory.

The solution? INTURN 360

As a leader in supply chain visibility, INTURN addresses the largest ongoing problem for brands: inventory, and turns it into a business opportunity. We offer solutions that empower teams to proactively predict inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or excess, as well as optimize existing overstock to maximize recovery and streamline workflows.

Get ahead of inventory challenges and recover cash faster.


Identify inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or obsolete.

INTURN 360’s AI model reviews your organization’s unique data along with historical sales data, forecasting trends, expirations, and more to determine whether a given batch will sell before a certain date or should be categorized as excess.


Centralize complex inventory files into a single system of record.

Give your team full visibility into the status of your inventory in real-time, at all times. INTURN 360 eliminates duplicative work and manual processes involving emails and inventory spreadsheets, so that the right retailer receives the right products at the right time.


Make data-driven decisions that benefit the bottom line.

Leverage historical sales data so that you can strategically navigate your next negotiation, send and receive offers to boost sell-through rates, reduce overall operating costs and improve margins to positively impact your bottom line.

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Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

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Success Story:
Unilever & INTURN 360

Read our latest success story and learn how Unilever leveraged INTURN 360 to streamline their excess inventory and SLOB sales process and digitize their supply chain.

“What used to take one week-plus is taking significantly less time … We have decreased the time the average offer is out there by one-third”

– Head of Channel & Customer Development, Unilever

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Your strategic partner for optimizing inventory.

We collaborate with all your cross-functional teams and key stakeholders to do a thorough analysis of your systems, data structures and go-to-market processes to determine how INTURN can bring your team the most value.

Supporting businesses of all sizes.

We offer flexible pricing packages that are designed to help your team achieve their goals. Learn more about our INTURN 360 Standard, Pro, and Enterprise editions and which package is best for your organization.

Flexible onboarding and integrations.

Get an end-to-end system to manage the full inventory life-cycle. Our integrations give you the power to build what you need and develop a responsive digital supply chain that will position your organization for success.