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Purchasing slow-moving and excess inventory is complex.

With limited time to make a decision to buy excess inventory, wholesale distributors and retailers must evaluate several factors at once to determine whether to make a purchase. This process for evaluating inventory is manual and time-consuming, and many buyers lack full access to key information and analytical tools needed to make strategic purchasing decisions.

Take the guesswork out of buying excess inventory with INTURN Select

When faced with complex promotional offers and tight deadlines, INTURN Select provides retailers with full inventory visibility and access into the information needed to make faster, smarter purchases. By centralizing data and providing tools to instantly measure the quality of an opportunity buy, our excess inventory solution empowers buyers to profit by purchasing the right products at the right time.

Purchase higher volumes of inventory even faster.


Access important information in a single, centralized location.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and avoid inefficient, manual processes around requesting or pulling information from different teams and systems.


Seamlessly negotiate and make faster purchasing decisions.

View content-rich product information and gain better visibility into the inventory offered. Save time by automatically updating product quantities and pricing during negotiations.


Collaborate with teams online.

Collaborate with sellers and your team members online throughout the excess inventory buying process—anywhere, any time.

INTURN Select Success Story

Read our success story and learn how a large retailer purchased higher inventory volumes by gaining inventory visibility and automating transactions.

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Once you determine that INTURN Select is the right excess inventory solution for your team’s needs, it only takes a few clicks to create your account and join our system. No installations, no integrations, no time wasted.

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Your business is unique, and our buyer team will work with you to optimize your experience during onboarding and training, as well as strategize how you can receive offers for the right products at the right time.

Connect With Your Network of Brands

We understand the importance of cultivating relationships with sellers. INTURN works with some of the largest brands across industries, and our team will ensure that you have a seamless buying experience with your network of sellers.