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Explore resources and tools to successfully integrate INTURN 360. Scale the way you manage and sell excess inventory.

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Leverage our APIs to further streamline and enhance your organization’s workflows and data management.

View Real-time Inventory Levels

See accurate, real-time updates of inventory levels between your ERP and INTURN. Get full visibility into inventory liquidation and the confidence that you won't oversell.

Faster, Continuous Performance

Manual file uploads are time-consuming. By integrating using INTURN APIs, users experience a shorter wait time and a seamless workflow.

Increase Speed to Fulfillment

Once a transaction is complete, our APIs provide your ERP system with the complete order details. Save time, reduce manual labor, and fulfill orders faster.

Enterprise-Level Data Protection

From the time the client uploads inventory, transacts, or pushes data back into the ERP system, all data is protected through end-to-end encryption.

Security Highlights


  • Industry-standard AES-256 Encryption


  • TLS Encrypted External Traffic


  • Strict ACL definitions for Service-to-Service Communication


  • Network Monitoring for Anomaly Detection

Integrate with Any ERP System

Your business is unique. With INTURN 360, you can continue to use the ERP systems that work best for your organization, and as a result, get an end-to-end system to manage the full inventory life-cycle. Our integrations give you the power to build what you need and develop a responsive digital supply chain that will position your organization for success.


SAP customers can take advantage of a special integration built via SAP’s Business Technology Platform. INTURN 360 works seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA and enables customers to gain full visibility into their slow-moving and excess inventory in real-time. Curious how it works? Access our integration guide here.