How to Best Sell Your Inventory to Off-Price Retailers

All retailers want to make the highest possible profit when they sell their products, and to do this, they just need to sell the right pr...

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Knock Knock. It’s The Millennials.

The consumer profile is changing as millennials (ages 18-34, about a fourth of the US population) enter into the workforce and become big...

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What is Excess Inventory and How Can it be Managed?

Excess Inventory Definition Excess inventory is a product that has not yet been sold and that exceeds the projected consumer demand for t...

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Time to Turn Toward Tech

A new blog is a stimulating creation, especially when it comes at the start of a new year with a new round of funding and the formation o...

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INTURN Is Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer 11

At INTURN, we are committed to delivering the best possible user experience while ensuring that all client data is secure and private. As...

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