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Optimize excess inventory to prevent waste and destruction.

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Today, brands still struggle to manage and reduce their excess inventory.

Excess inventory creates tremendous amounts of harmful waste each year, and many brands have historically been forced to destroy or burn goods that they are unable to sell. With sustainability becoming increasingly top-of-mind for consumers, partners, and investors across the world, brands must find new ways to effectively offload their slow-moving and excess inventory and reduce waste in the environment.

The #1 Solution for Achieving Zero Waste

INTURN 360 offers solutions that empower teams to proactively predict inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or excess, so that you can take action earlier in the product lifecycle. Our solution also helps teams effectively optimize existing overstock to maximize recovery and reduce harmful environmental waste.

Reduce waste and prevent inventory destruction.


Identify inventory at risk of becoming slow-moving or obsolete.

INTURN 360’s AI model reviews your organization’s unique data along with historical sales data, forecasting trends, expirations, and more to determine whether a given batch will sell before a certain date or should be categorized as excess.


Automate negotiations and close transactions faster.

INTURN 360 eliminates duplicative work and manual processes involving emails and inventory spreadsheets. This eliminates the risk of overselling and improves overall sell-through, ensuring that more products are ending up back in the hands of consumers.


Improve your go-to-market strategy.

Our solution provides inventory, pricing and engagement insights so your team can make informed data-driven decisions during each sales campaign. Strategically plan product offerings to optimize sell-through and reduce waste.

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Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

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Success Story:

Read our success story and learn how KIND leveraged INTURN 360 to automate their close-out process and improve their destruction avoidance savings. 

“Now, I can sell something quicker, faster, better, and with more margin, because I’ve got earlier visibility and I can curate customer orders.”

– Business Solutions Lead at KIND

Committed to helping you build a sustainable future.

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Your Strategic Partners

INTURN’s Client Success Team takes a consultative approach to understand your brand’s unique challenges around sustainability. Through weekly strategy meetings and Quarterly Business Reviews, our team positions brands to achieve optimal results.

Seamless Integrations

Get accurate updates of inventory levels between your ERP system and INTURN 360. By utilizing our API’s, your team gains real-time accuracy and the confidence to make strategic actions faster and earlier in the product lifecycle.

Success Metrics That Count

We often hear from brands that tracking progress towards sustainability goals is a significant challenge. Our solution and reporting provides you with tangible metrics to show exactly how you’re contributing to waste reduction.