Warehouse worker moving boxes Warehouse worker moving boxes

Overwhelmed by excess inventory?

Sell faster, maximize recovery, and reduce operating costs with INTURN 360.

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The problem

Excess inventory ties up working capital and contributes to harmful environmental waste, yet brands today lack the visibility and tools to effectively manage it.

15 Work Days

Time preparing data from ERP systems

$250 Billion +

Lost revenue opportunity across consumer categories

Up to 180 Days

Time excess inventory sits in warehouses

Meet INTURN 360

Sell excess inventory faster and achieve zero waste.

Our solution provides brands with full inventory visibility across the supply chain, enabling teams to maximize recovery and reduce harmful waste by optimizing unplanned inventory. With INTURN 360, you have the tools to centralize data, streamline workflows, gain supply chain visibility and meet sustainability goals.

Warehouse worker moving boxes Warehouse worker moving boxes

Unilever & INTURN 360

Learn how Unilever streamlined their excess inventory and SLOB sales process with INTURN 360.

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Helping brands operate efficiently and sustainably

See how it works

Institutionalize knowledge in a centralized, intuitive platform.

A single source of truth to prevent redundant work, inaccurate product data and that overwhelming feeling that you are staring into a black hole.

Optimize cost savings
by streamlining

Time saved by eliminating manual, time-consuming and error-prone habits centered around e-mails and Excel spreadsheets.

Improve margins while
reducing waste and
achieving ESG goals.

Insights that empower your team to go to market faster, so that you’re not leaving valuable dollars on the table and products in landfills.

See the impact

INTURN 360 provides teams with inventory visibility, historical insights, and automated tools to streamline the go-to-market approach—enabling you to make a material impact on your bottom line.

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Faster speed-to-market


Reduction in operating costs


Improved product margins

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Supporting businesses of all sizes

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INTURN 360 Standard

Our standard plan that offers flexible pricing for small-medium businesses seeking growth. Access our core features right away and hit the ground running with extensive self-guided training materials.

INTURN 360 Pro

A plan for businesses looking to take their inventory disposition to the next level. Access new features and get additional customization options, live trainings, buyer trainings, dedicated feedback sessions with our product team, and more.

INTURN 360 Enterprise

A comprehensive inventory solution that meets all of your enterprise needs. Access our full-featured platform with optional customization/integration, and receive best-in-class professional services and onboarding.

Warehouse worker moving boxes Warehouse worker moving boxes

The State of Supply Chain Predictability 2022 Report

Learn what the leading brands are doing to get ahead of supply chain disruptions in 2022.

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Building a sustainable future through innovation

Our technology solution sits at the intersection of inventory optimization, the digital supply chain, and sustainability. With our solution, excess inventory ends up back in the hands of consumers—not a landfill.

45 Billion

garments produced each year are

never sold.

1.3 Billion tons

of food gets lost or is

wasted each year.


of home furniture and

furnishings are landfilled.